For one of the only renown Brazilian eateries in Melbourne, we were impressed. Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday nights are super affordable at $45 for all you can eat! The service is flawless, the waitresses and chefs are so kind and knowledgable. The meat is nice, tasty and fresh. Some cuts were a little too salty though. All in all it was a great experience and I would return soon.

By Lauren Fusco

“Flavour! ”
What a great venue and amazing food. When you need a meat fix you must go here! Quality food, friendly service. You must go here hungry!

By An

It was perfect, we have dined here 3 times and never disappointed 👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾 thumbs up

By Tina Taylor

Fantastic. Very authentic, excellent quality meat, lively atmosphere.

By Ingrid Blum

I loved everything about this restaurant! Yes its pretty pricey, and to really get your moneys worth you have to have a pretty healthy appetite but that didn't matter. An interesting, light stop stat service where you have control! With the fantastic range of meats constantly circulating, the deliciousness of them all coupled with the fantastic service, I will be returning fast! Highly rec!!

By Gdkf

What a great venue and amazing food. When you need a meat fix you must go here! Quality food, friendly service. You must go here hungry!

By An2cat

Awesome food, awesome service in an awesome place!
We came in for a birthday as we wanted to do something a little different.
The place was picked as it seemed less.... kitsch than the other churrascaria options, as least from the pics and online.
Well it was definitely very worth the value! We came on the Thursday, and I'm not sure how their peak days are, but the first thing was that I found the place to be spacious, and not overly crammed, which is great, especially for all you can eat, where most establishments try to fit as much people in as possible.
Also it is fully table service, no getting up for your food, including the sides.
As for the food, well, there's a hell of variety to choose from, including the sides. (They give chips and salad to start, and you can order the rest.)
12 main varieties of meats from Lamb to chicken and pork, and they keep coming until you put on the red light to pause, and even then if there is an meat that is special (like the beef and potatoes or ham and pineapple) they will ask if you'd like some, and I love this attention to detail.
And the meats are cook well and very flavorsome. The highlights for me were the garlic beef and leg of lamb. Even then there's enough variety to go around even if you're vegetarian.
Also towards the end, they asked if there was any particular meat that we'd like to order or haven't had, which they obliged too. (It was the chicken heart, which was order only in most cases.)
Oh, also when you're about, order the caipirinha for a drink. They definitely know how to make it well.
Authentically classy, this is a place I know I will be back to.

By Andy S

Everything worked out fine. Good atmosphere and very attentive and friendly staff. Food was very tasty.

By Ted Kapelan

Teresa and the staff at BChurrasco were fantastic, warm welcoming and very friendly, the food was exceptional, drinks plentiful and overall a great time had by all our guests at my sons 21st birthday party, well done and we will certainly be coming back for more!

By Bill Tourloupis

LOVED it all, thank you for a wonderful night. We will be back 😊

By Erin Brady

“Just what i would have expected perfect.”
Great atmospheric well worth the visit. $56 for all you can eat is well worth the quality of food and friendly service.

By Bentowers

What an absolute amazing place!! First time coming here and we are so happy with the service. From the moment we walked in until we walked out we had a smile on our faces. The staff memebers were incredible friendly and so fast!. The food was so good! Would recommend this place to anyone.

By Dianne Barkho

fantastic experience, especially for a big group like ours. service and food were amazing. we felt very looked after but not overly so. will definitely be coming back.

By Nian Jiang

“Awesome for meatlovers”
If you are the one who loves tasting different kind of meats and flavors, this place is for you. Delicious good, excelent customer service and music. You are not going to be disappointed.

By Patricia S

Food was amazing. Service was spectacular. Had the most amazing time and my family can't stop raving about our night there. Best dining experience!

By Alanna

“A Brazilian Feast”

If you love meat that is accompanied by an assortment of delicious 'sides', then you will absolutely love B'Churrasco! I thought the customer service was excellent and the general feel of the restaurant was very good. There is an open kitchen so you can walk past and see the Chefs in action. You have a lamp on your table and when you are ready to try the food, you put the green lamp on and when you have a plate full and need a break, turn the lamp to red and they leave you alone. We found that when the green lamp was on, the meat came on large skewers constantly and the variety was amazing. Pork loin, rump steak, chicken, lamb ribs, beef etc.You have a small pair of tongs so that when the waiters slice the meat off the skewers, you grab it with your tongs. I can't speak highly enough of our time here and we were nearly the last ones to leave. The restaurant seats a lot of people so it would be wonderful for a family meal or a large group of friends. We went on a Saturday night and it was $56 for all you can eat. Super value.

By DebRed

Fantastic dinner, we love these Brazilian places, and must say this was one of the best! Meats had different flavors not all the same, there were different meats that we were not expecting as well as rice and pasta dishes, happy hour between 5-7, live music! Staff were really attentive and were always checking to see if we had enough! Will be going back for sure! Highly recommend with friends, great atmosphere! Couldn't say a bad word! Only thing I wanted to try there desserts, however I was too full. He he Enjoy

By Dave

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