If you're a meat lover then this should be on top of your must do list when in Melbourne! This Brazilian restaurant offers you a generous amount of meats and accompanies it with a generous amount of sides too. Novel way of requesting meat to be served using a light on you table, green (yum, bring on the meat) and a red (for OMG I'm full no more) works well. Great variety of meats cooked various ways are served to you through out the time your green light is on, other additions such as bbq'd corn and pineapple are also on offer. Try the cinnamon pineapple, yum! We washed ours down with a pitcher of Caipirinha (Brazil's national cocktail). Beer menu a little short on the offerings but lots of wine and cocktails to choose from. As always room for dessert and our creme caramel and white chocolate and lime mousse were not a disappointment. Service was great, genuinely appeared interested in how your meal/night etc was going. Perhaps a little on the pricey side but you sure do walk away with a full tummy! Def would go again.

By Jools of Melbourne

Wow, twice I have been here and each time is better. The first time I brought my Brazilian wife for her birthday and the restaurant looked after us so much, This next time we brought my mother along to show her some authentic Brazilian food; Feijao, Farofa, Arroz ... Picanha! The staff were so nice as always and the girl remembered us (Mari, I think) and looked after us very well. This time there was some live music, we loved it. Best of all this time, my wife is 5 months pregnant and craving the chicken hearts; your Churrasco guys looked after her so well speaking Portuguese and making sure she had anything she wanted. Even going out to cook some more chicken hearts especially for her. Muito Satisfeito! We love your restaurant and I have recommended it to everyone at my work (we are all chefs). Thank you always, we will be back again.

By Matthew Little

Lovely atmosphere, very kids friendly. Staffs were very friendly and welcoming. Food was good quality and endless. Especially liked the lamb rack, pork neck and chicken wings!

By Mengsha Gao

Fantastic dinner, we love these Brazilian places, and must say this was one of the best! Meats had different flavors not all the same, there were different meats that we were not expecting as well as rice and pasta dishes, happy hour between 5-7, live music! Staff were really attentive and were always checking to see if we had enough! Will be going back for sure! Highly recommend with friends, great atmosphere! Couldn't say a bad word! Only thing I wanted to try there desserts, however I was too full. He he Enjoy

By Dave

“Great for groups!”
We went here for my farewell dinner, with a group of about 20 people. Since the price for meals is a flat fee it was very convenient for a large group. Service was incredible and the food is fantastic. A great variety and perfectly cooked. The sides are also great and they keep them coming. Definitely have some of the grilled pineapple too!

By Kim

Oscar Goldberg was a good feast Brazil style 🙏😘. We will certainly be back to feast on the delicious Pork lamb beef chicken pineapple yuuuuum

By Mark Goldberg

What a treat . For an all you can eat the price is very good . Atmosphere was very good , staters were very good . The meats for the main I think all 6-8 choices were of very high quality. I was very hungry so i could be blinded in by my appetite . But all in all I highly recommend this spot . Cool experience with the red/green light . Will be back !


So good. I'm dead from eating so much delicious food. I am a dead person now. In a good way. The BEST way.

By Mark Watson

As a good Brazilian of course I loved that experience. Awesome environment with live brazilian music. Delicious rodizio, large meat variety plus the sides (banana, farofa, mayo salad, rice and black beans, chips and salad) I really had a great time. And the best.. the rumo cap. Its was amazing! Can wait to go there again.

By Fernanda

Love this place. The meat is of good quality and oh so tender!
If there is any advice I would give; it is to utilise your red light more often instead of stuffing your face with delicious meats in 15 mins like we did and spent the rest of the night feeling full!
Friendly staff and lovely atmosphere. Can't go wrong really!

By Tolgaa

The staff, the food , the atmosphere were all excellent. I was hesitant bringing such a large group in to dine, but I was blown away by the experience. All my guests gave awesome reviews. Shout out to my server Alex aswell. She did an amazing job! Cannot recommend your restaurant enough =D

By Christopher

Food was incredible, the staff were SO helpful and lovely. Our room was off the the side (elevator(?) room) it looked so nice and had enough room for the cake and the photo board, plus it felt nice and private without it being isolated. Moijtos were perfect with the fresh mint and lime. Toilets are clean and presentable and paying for drinks as you go made everything a lot easier. All in all an amazing start to Fionns 21st birthday night. Thank you!

By Fionn

Had the best night here for my birthday last night. Fabulous food. Great Sangria. And a lovely touch surprising me with a birthday treat complete with the birthday song. Well done guys and thank you. Will definitely be back. And I forgot to mention the service. Staff were unbelievable. Just fantastic.

By Monica Kenealy

“A delicious full on MEAT experience”
This restaurant delivers delicious cooked meat straight to your plate to be carved for you. There is a great selection of sides included such as, salad, chips, corn, banana, pineapple & potato. A great family experience.

By Mrs Jaggs

My Husband and I went here for his birthday dinner on Saturday night (23/5). The service was absolutely impeccable and the food was delicious. First you get a starter of garlic bread and then you get a selection of sides - chips, salad and potato salad. Then the selection of meats are brought to your table one by one. All of them were very tasty and tender. They have a light on your table that you can change the colour of green 'bring me more food' or read 'I need a break'. Overall everything was at a very high standard and very reasonably priced.

By Littlecessna150

fantastic experience, especially for a big group like ours. service and food were amazing. we felt very looked after but not overly so. will definitely be coming back.

By Nian Jiang

What an absolute amazing place!! First time coming here and we are so happy with the service. From the moment we walked in until we walked out we had a smile on our faces. The staff memebers were incredible friendly and so fast!. The food was so good! Would recommend this place to anyone.

By Dianne Barkho

“Just what i would have expected perfect.”
Great atmospheric well worth the visit. $56 for all you can eat is well worth the quality of food and friendly service.

By Bentowers

LOVED it all, thank you for a wonderful night. We will be back 😊

By Erin Brady

Teresa and the staff at BChurrasco were fantastic, warm welcoming and very friendly, the food was exceptional, drinks plentiful and overall a great time had by all our guests at my sons 21st birthday party, well done and we will certainly be coming back for more!

By Bill Tourloupis

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