Wow, twice I have been here and each time is better. The first time I brought my Brazilian wife for her birthday and the restaurant looked after us so much, This next time we brought my mother along to show her some authentic Brazilian food; Feijao, Farofa, Arroz ... Picanha! The staff were so nice as always and the girl remembered us (Mari, I think) and looked after us very well. This time there was some live music, we loved it. Best of all this time, my wife is 5 months pregnant and craving the chicken hearts; your Churrasco guys looked after her so well speaking Portuguese and making sure she had anything she wanted. Even going out to cook some more chicken hearts especially for her. Muito Satisfeito! We love your restaurant and I have recommended it to everyone at my work (we are all chefs). Thank you always, we will be back again.

By Matthew Little

Oscar Goldberg was a good feast Brazil style 🙏😘. We will certainly be back to feast on the delicious Pork lamb beef chicken pineapple yuuuuum

By Mark Goldberg

“Great for groups!”
We went here for my farewell dinner, with a group of about 20 people. Since the price for meals is a flat fee it was very convenient for a large group. Service was incredible and the food is fantastic. A great variety and perfectly cooked. The sides are also great and they keep them coming. Definitely have some of the grilled pineapple too!

By Kim

“Fantastic night with family, food was amazing”
Never eaten so much food for a wonderful price. All the food eaten was fantastic. The meats were the absolute best. Would recommend it to everybody.

By Sandra A

Really good food, ambient and customer service. I would definitively recommend it to anyone wanting to feast on meat for a couple hours.

By Jean Dubuc

The service here is impeccable, they bring all types of meats to your hearts content. By far my favourites were the garlic beef rump which was cooked to perfection and the beef ribs which were so succulent and had a deep roast flavour. The chorizo and ham and pineapple were also deepy enriched in flavour.
Not to mention the fantastic rendered fat of the rump cap, fantastic lemon flavour of the chicken thigh and perfectly balanced sweet and sour abacaxi assado (pineapple with cinammon and sugar).
Everything on the menu was cooked to perfection and hand carved right infront of you, there is truely no better Brazillian dining experience.

By Stefan Madic

Great food and live music in a great atmosphere :)

By Kev Joyce

We came to celebrate a birthday - every single person loved the food, venue, service and atmosphere- Thank you

By Lynda Stewart

If i could give a rating of higher than 5 for the meal and especially the service from all the staff I would. It was fantastic and the staff were very accommodating for my booking event.

By Kathy

It was amazing. We all loved it and will be coming back! It was a great experience.

By Cristina Zannoni

Great food, brilliant service. Highly recommended.

By Alana Turner

Beautiful food, fantastic experience. Thanks guys, will definitely be back😊

By Paul Tulia

Fantastic food for a good price. Really want to thank the staff for accommodating my dietary needs expertly. I was very impressed to have as many options as they provided & this will definitely keep me coming back!

By Madeline Sibbing

With scores of " American BBQ " influenced style restaurants it's great to see a place where barbecuing & grilling meat is in their blood and not purely based on cuisine that is still currently trending #yawn. With an assortment of beautifully cooked meat , which just kept coming, , accompanied with authentic Brazilian sides ( in the group we had a former resident of Rio ) served by fantastic attentive waiting staff, who were on point with making sure our group of 4 was well fed & watered. I look forward to having the opportunity of going back with a larger group .

By esseland T

Second time I've been now, and still love the place.

By Daniel Hernandez

What a treat . For an all you can eat the price is very good . Atmosphere was very good , staters were very good . The meats for the main I think all 6-8 choices were of very high quality. I was very hungry so i could be blinded in by my appetite . But all in all I highly recommend this spot . Cool experience with the red/green light . Will be back !


So good. I'm dead from eating so much delicious food. I am a dead person now. In a good way. The BEST way.

By Mark Watson

As a good Brazilian of course I loved that experience. Awesome environment with live brazilian music. Delicious rodizio, large meat variety plus the sides (banana, farofa, mayo salad, rice and black beans, chips and salad) I really had a great time. And the best.. the rumo cap. Its was amazing! Can wait to go there again.

By Fernanda

If you're a meat lover then this should be on top of your must do list when in Melbourne! This Brazilian restaurant offers you a generous amount of meats and accompanies it with a generous amount of sides too. Novel way of requesting meat to be served using a light on you table, green (yum, bring on the meat) and a red (for OMG I'm full no more) works well. Great variety of meats cooked various ways are served to you through out the time your green light is on, other additions such as bbq'd corn and pineapple are also on offer. Try the cinnamon pineapple, yum! We washed ours down with a pitcher of Caipirinha (Brazil's national cocktail). Beer menu a little short on the offerings but lots of wine and cocktails to choose from. As always room for dessert and our creme caramel and white chocolate and lime mousse were not a disappointment. Service was great, genuinely appeared interested in how your meal/night etc was going. Perhaps a little on the pricey side but you sure do walk away with a full tummy! Def would go again.

By Jools of Melbourne

“Amazing! So full we almost had to walk home in the rain”
Melbourne's best kept secret
Can't recommend enough, but definitely come hungry, so much to try
11 cuts of meat, then a bunch of sides that were delicious, bbq'd pineapple, and a fee extra meals flying around that were too much to try (saved ourselves for the meat)
Quick constant service of food. If anything we ate too fast because it was so constant. You need to know how to say no :)

By Samuraiav
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